Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i am NOT a loser!


photos from TNNA in Columbus. This was my first non-child,
non-husband getaway in nearly nine years.
It was...


Dinner at the Hyde Park in downtown Columbus. Loren, Gina, me, Mimi, and Debbie on Friday night.

me and Gina at the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary cocktail party

Loren, me, Mimi, and Debbie

mi2 in awe.... weren't we all

Breakfast with international designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton... she was so much fun!

International designer Maggie Jackson and me... awesome designer and super sweet person. So nice to see you again, Maggie! Come to Blacksburg again... I loved your Irish comedy!

The amazing... humbling experience... Debbie Bliss herself...

Mimi, International designer Louisa Harding, me, and Debbie

crashed at the Hilton... watching YouTube...

...shoes... let's get some shoes...

Loren was ready to kill me... can we watch it? Please??

Ahhhh, the slide show is now over. Thanks for bringing me, Gina. You have no idea how good this was for me on soooo many levels!
A quick highlight of my week since last Friday. I know I've slacked... but I have my reasons!
You still love me, don't you?
And now... drum roll... highlights from these last several days...
1. Husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage on Friday... smiling...
2. After a weekend of extreme binging, I can still button my favorite capris (no comments about my last blog, please!)
3. ColdStone on Saturday night after Kabuki for dinner... did I mention binging?
4. My Father-in-Law had successful surgery on Friday morning and is recovering well... Love you, Poppy!
5. Cheryl called me "Peppy" on Monday... SEE?? The proper term is PEPPY. Not SPAZTIC.
6. I got a microphone from Channel 10 news stuck in my bra today.
7. Gina found a piece of my lunch on the table... a slightly smooshed cauliflower that looked like a booger. I put it on my nose.... I guess you had to be there.
8. I found my iPod... thought I left it at the Hilton... almost became SPAZTIC.
9. Figured out how to get these photos off the CD... thanks, Mimi and Debbie!
10. The Hokie Healing project will start to wrap-up this Saturday at the Inn at Virginia Tech. I hope you will all be there!! Look for me... I'll be the peppy spaz with tight-fitting capris and a smooshed cauliflower in my nose.
Just kidding.