Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain....

My Fair Lady?.....hardly..... Fair?....well, now
that's a stretch. But, OH MY, those are some fine toes! Thursday I received more than thirty minutes of extreme pampering at the nail salon, courtesy of Gina, who was completely shocked that I had never, never had a pedicure. No more selling flowers on the corner, eh, Gov'ner! ~ Thank you again, Gina!~ And my bag is coming along dandy...I'll hopefully have it knitted and lined by Monday. Now I am also drooling over different "lace" patterns. Sandy showed me a beautiful shawl yesterday that I want to do with the Schaefer "Anne" yarn. And Virginia gave me some good pointers as I begin the green "oh-thank-you-Phyllis" yarn sweater. More photos to come!!
More culture shock? I even went to Kabuki for the first time. Poor Mimi had to help me order... totally clueless I am. What FUN! How tasty! I feel like the cultured woman. Is that tragic sounding? Haha!

Yes, perhaps I am a simple girl to a small degree. Perhaps not used to pampering...but I believe I could get used to a little extra "bliss" every now and again!
How about something to chew on?? Here are some other bizarre facts about me:
1. Besides having only my first pedicure, I've only ever had two manicures. Is this really that bizarre??
2. I won't let anyone watch me brush my teeth.
3. Mimi taught me how to knit. Love you, Mi2!
4. I'm a bit OCD about electrical fires and germs...and I particularly like seeing even numerical digits when displayed, like on microwaves, treadmills, etc.
5. Fine cheese, peanut butter, and real cream ice cream are my three guilty pleasures.
6. I despise hamburgers, gum, and spinach. Ewwwww.
7. Most times I feel like an eight year old: half the time feeling obnoxiously giddy and the other half worried that no one will want to play with me.
8. When I was little I believed that if you stuck your finger in your belly button you would unscrew yourself internally. I still don't like touching my belly button, and my husband still likes to freak me out by sticking his finger in his. ICK!!
9. I used to play the guitar and the violin when I was little.
10. I still have my favorite stuffed animals from when I was a child. I can never part with them.
Anyway, sorry it took so long to post. I'll be better, I promise!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bags and Some Aqua Net Never Hurt Anybody

I've decided that there is one thing of which you can absolutely never have enough...bags. I am bag-crazy. Now, mind you, I don't have many bags. I do admire them, however. Maybe I have three...the standard black purse of everything, a little night-time bag my sister gave me.....okay, my mistake....I have TWO bags. Well, 'tis about to change! I saw this type of cinch-type bag and thought, gee, that's easy enough! Stockinette around, some YOs, and a decrease around for the base. What could be simpler? So, I took some "Softwist purple just bought for the awesome color and sat here hangin'out at the house with nothing better to do" yarn and mixed with some fun Noro "hey, it is wicked cool and on sale so, of course I'm gonna buy it" yarn... and voila! Little cinch bag.

But the bag thing is just starting! Had some of this nature cotton "gee, maybe I'll make some potholders or something" yarn. Found two more in the sale bin. And I saw a free pattern that just said to knit a rectagle base and pick up stitches along thes side... again, easy concept. So, I'm going big and cotton! And I think I will line this one with a very cool fabric.
I have to finish this in just under two weeks... and then I start my sweater!! I tried to take a photo of the sweater I'll be knitting from the Lavold Celtic collection, but my camera isn't doing so good with close-ups. Phyl, I know you've seen it! Even my husband loves it, and, thank goodness, Sandy and Gina say that I can handle it. This is'll see what I mean when you see the sweater...cables, Celtic designs...a little intimidating!
AND...I found a photo from 1979, the same year as Gina's fun "Sufragette City" video. I tried endlessly to get it on my I'm sorry that you will have nothing to laugh at. But I will describe it to you: grown-out pixie haircut, a big acoustic guitar, and a lovely background of gold, cream, and 70's-ick green sofa cushions. Maybe I can figure this camera thing out. However, I'll bring this lovely photo to work tomorrow. I also have a rather embarrassing one that involves me, 1986, a perm, a rather goofy face, and an upside-down can of Aqua Net. I'll bring this in the shop, too, in case you're desperate for some hysterics... or I'm a glutton for punishment!
More to come ASAP! Got to figure out the camera close-up deal. Smooch!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Didn't know how much OLIVE you...

Yes, all my friends, the camera port has arrived! And there is sooooo much to share! First, I have to ask, is this the most beautiful, delicious thing? Debbie Bliss Cathay. Ahhhh...Just about 1980 yards. Thank you, thank you, Phyl. You are truly so kind and amazing. I am still in awe of this gift...especially after only knowing you for three or four weeks. Thank you, and it will be deeply loved for years and years to come.

Gina is so right...this is a group of wonderful, loving people, and how great it was to share the love on Wednesday! Gina (another amazingly generous person, no doubt) throws us all a pre-sale Zeppoli's lunch party (soooo yummy), and we all enjoy sharing patterns, chosing projects, and just "yacking it up." Each of you is an incredible treasure, and I really mean that.

What say you? Why, YES, I certainly HAVE been knitting! You are about to be bombarded with yarn and projects and exciting things! Let's begin...oh, yes! Put us out of our misery!

* I have the perfect pattern for my oh, so beautiful new yarn...the Lavold Collection of Celtic Designs. I am picking up the book tomorrow, and you will all then see the most amazing sweater in the world.
* Yummy what? I'm thinking about an over-sized cinch-bag for the beach. We have about 540 yards to play with...any thoughts?

* Could we forget the "Dream Swatch?" I still have a long way to go, but it is so easy and fun to knit.

* The Eco-Wool, Hand-Dyed Wool Poncho. This is the "can knit it in my sleep" poncho, but with the warmer weather, it is really hard to pick it up right now. Maybe with the cooler temperatures coming in this weekend.

* And this is our shark. He doesn't have a name yet. I bought him for my husband on Monday afternoon. He is called "the anger management shark," which will help with the random things that make us angry. If we feel ourselves getting crabby, we talk through the shark. It is really hard to be angry when you're wearing a blue and purple stuffed shark on your hand. Hubby has a really tough job sometimes and gets really stressed out. This is a relaxing way for all of us to discuss our frustrations. And the kids seem to really listen when Mom takes us the shark puppet and can say things like, "Mommy gets really frustrated when you don't treat each other nicely." Or, "Mommy needs you guys to help clean up your rooms!"

It is so wonderful to have a camera again!! I really want to post on all the other blogs this evening, but I am BEAT tired. Wiped out. I didn't sit at all today until the car ride back with the kids after school, and then I walked around the entire school from 5:30-7:00 this evening for Parent's Open House. My feet have had it, and I'm turning in.
Tomorrow I will spread more joy. G'night!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Saturday in the Life of One Camera-less

Camera has port for the computer. While we wait for the bundle of joy and amateur shutter action, I've put together a little list of recent knits and happenings. I feel bad that I'm not upholding my blogger duties, and I assure you that this will be considerably dull and NOT knit-worthy, but since I am only a mediocre knitter as compared to Mimi and Gina and Loren...and most certainly the knitting royalty, such as Virginia and Sandy...but I'll share a few random slices of weirdness...just to make you all shake your heads and confirm your suspicions that I'm a fruitcake. By the way, Pepper Jack says hi...he will be one year old on Thursday!! Time for a new chewie!

Just so you know......

  1. Fruitcakes, by the way, are good things. Jimmy Buffet says, "there's a little bit of fruitcake in everyone of us."

  2. I now have five projects that I love equally... I'm working on each one a little at a time. These are: the Eco-wool poncho, the felted bag, my knit cinch bag, the dream swatch, and NOW....drum roll, please... the yumarific Schaefer Magic Loop socks, brought to life by Sandy, who introduced me to the Magic Loop concept. However, since I am doing only one sock at a time, I will need you all to nag me about starting the second sock once I finish the first. I'm afraid I won't want to do it...but the yarn is really so incredibly beautiful...hopefully that will keep me going.

  3. The dishwasher people are STILL not here to fix my dishwasher. I am pruning up bigtime from washing up after four people, two dogs, and a cat.

  4. Today we whisked one child to a birthday party, drove through half the county for the other child's playdate, baked a citrus chicken, worked a very bizarre writing assignment, battled the late night strangeness at the grocery store (which, by the way, has NO peanut butter to speak of...can all the peanut butter in the world be contaminated and removed from all the shelves? Even the masses have cleaned out the natural brands!), ate several cookies (for shame!).... and we are now enjoying "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Because....

"Life moves pretty fast...if you don't stop and look around for a while, you might miss it."

I hope you all have a great weekend (what still remains), and I will be back with photos early in the week. Sorry to disappoint everyone! ~ hUgS!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Your Introduction to the Bionicle Heroes

Yes, this is strange. I admit it. But, alas, I am one without a camera. Dear husband returned the faulty camera this weekend AND purchased a new one for me! It won't be here until later this week (hope, hope), at which time I will fervently study and be up to speed by the weekend...if all goes well. You know how well technology and I get along...heehee.
Therefore, I present the Lego "Bionicles" for your entertainment. What say you? Never heard of Bionicles?? 'Tis only the very language of practically every little boy aged 6-9 right now. They look a bit ferocious to me, but my oldest, a rather timid nearly-eight-year-old, just loves them. Can't watch "Finding Nemo" because of the sharp-fanged angler fish in the ocean abyss (picture two little boys on a sofa suddenly screaming, "MOMMYTURNITOFF!!") And, yes, I admit that I have been the over-protective mom, exposing them to no violence or mean-type things, since we aren't really t.v. people anyway...but Bionicles rock. Seriously. My oldest wants to build robots when he grows up. So, he builds them, finds them each a safe little sanctuary in his room, and kisses many of them before going to sleep at night. Good thing I'm a Tom-Boy-Mom. I think they're cool, too.
Okay, are you still with me? Anyone still awake? WHAT?? This is a KNITTING blog?
Here's the scoop on the projects I've been working on, despite the camera weirdness.
1. Black Eco-wool wrap/poncho (not sure yet...just winging it) with hand-dyed blue and olive wool and some brown Noro Iro. Randomly putting things together. I love ponchos. They are easy, no sweat deals, and I love how they hide my squish tummy.
2. My fushia Lamb's Pride and Kureyon felted bag...finished and ready to felt. I'm ready to be done with it and may end up purchasing leather or bamboo handles...I just can't bring myself to
garter stitch the strap!
3. The Dream Swatch (THANKS, PHYL!) Saw it on your blog and it is soooooo cute! I'm making mine with only 18 rather than 24 cast on stitches for only three twisted stitches on the head wrap...I do actually have a puny head.
4. pain...wanting to start the sweater. But... must... resist... desire... to... start.... yet.... one..... more............ project!!
I promise I will have photos soon. I hope you keep coming to visit me here even though I have no photos to share. But this will soon be over!
Have great weeks, everyone! BIG sloppy kisses........... me