Friday, August 17, 2007

Feelin' BI-POLAR today

A bizarre week.
How, you ask?
Well, for one...we have TWO posts in one week. Miracles do happen.
And I completed my own project: the "One Week, One Night Out" Bag. Couldn't really think of a name. I saw a picture of a circular bag and liked it...I bet I can figure out one. Basically, I cast on 106. Decrease every third row with a S1, K1, PSSO...knit a few...then K2Tog. I just tapered it in, which gave it that hippie swirl. Then I cast on 12 stitches and made a huge "U," joined at the bottom, seamed up the sides...the rest is the handle. Finished a project in a week...very bizarre, indeed!
Here is the kicker...another BI-POLAR moment...I lined the bag. Yes, ME. The sewing-impaired. Shocked even myself. It was actually not very hard...tedious, yes...but not very hard.

Here is the looooovely Stevie Kate, my glamorous model. She actually sat through literally nine photos since my camera BITES!

Okay...back to the BI-POLAR issues.

So, we want to sell our house...move into town. Husband is all geared up...looking at houses...find a very, VERY nice out the price...can we afford it?? Then, he says..."no, we should wait...maybe in the spring..."
Can I smack him? He's making ME bi-polar! Blame HIM!!

ARRRRUGHHHHH!! It is so hard to find a house we can afford in B'burg. And then he gets all flakey on me. He's lucky he's cute...the stinker. So, I am bummed. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.
Since I'm feeling like a festering head case, might as well be annoying, too. SO, for everyone interested in the first annual BI-POLAR it is!
1. Potatoes....mashed or french fried?
2. Socks.....double point or magic loop?
3. Cravings.....salty or sweet?
4. Knitting Style....picking or throwing?
5. John Mayer.....puppy dog or "Ooooh, Baby!"
6. Amphibians.....cute or "ewwwww!"
7. Breakfast or cold?
8. the 'em or hate 'em?
9. Airplanes.....the way to travel or "heck no, I'll drive."
10. Sweet Tarts.....yummy or "why would they do something like that to perfectly good sugar?"

I look forward to seeing your polar-preferences! Think positive thoughts that hubby will decide what he wants to do. He's afraid of change. Send us some good vibes...
Love!! Bel


Bel said...

mashed... double point... sweet.... throwing... "ooohh, Baby!"... cute... hot... love 'em... "heck no, I'll drive"... AND "why would they do a thing like that to perfectly good sugar?"

How's about YOU, you silly people?

Gina said...


Gina said...

oops it all got cut off! But you and I answered the same!

Allison said...

1. Mashed.. can I have both?
2. DMP
3. Chocolate
4. Throwing
5. 50/50
6. eww
7. cold
8. Love
9. Airplanes.....yes please
10. ehhh

Mimi said...

fried, dp, salty, throwing, puppy dog, cold, cute, I will fly on drugs, and love them. I think I got them all.

Im sorry to hear about the house situation Bel. Sounds stinky. I hope you take a minute to breath!