Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why I Am So Lame

Where have I been? Good question. Unfortunately, I haven't a great answer.
Nevermind. We've been in the trees. Watching grass grow. I can say that we've had our "ho-hum" moments. The phone doesn't ring much in the summer, that's for sure! I haven't been out much, but this is a good thing sometimes. It has been just a vanilla summer. We just spend a lot of time...watching time go by. House hunting...home improvements...writing (after severe self-doubt...we'll see where this goes)...arts and crafts to keep the kids from destroying the house...you know...all those summer things.
I've been on a knitting frenzy...and, thanks to Gina, will be embarking on yet ANOTHER project in a mere two days. This one we'll be knitting together, as I LOVE what she just started. More to come...plus photos...
Speaking of photos, you know it took me thirty minutes to download THESE? My computer keeps freezing up. Wants to see the underside of a van, I suppose. Makes me crabby!

In other news, I will also start reading...yes, I did actually say that! Gina is lending me a book written from the perspective of an autistic person. I'm compelled! We talked today about the strange, fascinating, and wonderfully magical things about having a child with Asperger's Syndrome. My little electrical engineer and Nasa-robot-builder-to-be just turned eight years old. Where have the years gone?

Anyway, I am a bit of a bore. Was it better when I was away? Don't answer that!!!
Here is the one photo that sort-of worked. It's the Candle Flame Shawl pattern in Claudia Handpaints, color: "Hokies."
I did get the "wild hair" on Friday and started a free-form project. I will be finishing it tomorrow, I hope. Then I will have something exciting to say! I promise!
More this week...I'll try to be exciting for you.
Love, Bel


Gina said...

You'll love that book! And I luv inspiring people to start new projects!

LauraRN said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see you. First Football game is Sep 1.

Mimi said...

Good to see you in blog land!!! I miss you! Where DID this summer go? Can you belive school is actually starting?!!

Allison said...

Did you say s'mores???? I am all about some knitting and s'mores. Except I'll have to keep the marshmallow out of the yarn... it might be tricky.

Yes.. let's have a knitting party. Mimi and I talked about having one before I left, but as you see that did not happen.

Miranda said...

I am all about some knitting and s'mores. And knitting parties!

jody said...

our summer just WHOOSHED right by! I'm looking forward to fall, though-I'm done with hotness and the pool and crunchy grass and sunscreen. The book sounds fascinating!