Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hello, Goodbye...???...And, No, I Don't Typically Resemble Edward Scissorhands

Yes. I should have blogged earlier this weekend. But I had a writing order due on Saturday night, and it was a doozie.
Glad to hear everyone talking about hair. Gina (don't we look like sisters here??) and I talked about the "long" and "short" of it on Thursday at work. As it turns out, I have a
tomorrow (Monday) at 1:00pm. So, here it is. I've been growing it for nearly 10 months. Now I need to make a decision........go short again...keep growing.... CHOP IT?? Or go LONG AS I CAN GROW hair...tangled in the trees...a hive for the bees...?? Sorry...flashing on the musical.

It is unruly. I agree there. I haven't had it cut in 4 months. To be honest, with the kids home for the summer and me working fewer hours, I spent the only extra $$ on yarn....what else!
I may not get any posts on this issue in time for the big event.....because in FIFTEEN HOURS I will either be.......
a.) a much tamer, less frizzy lion....or
b.) an ear-length cropped and somewhat spikey girl...with a lot more neck.
Hope I decide soon. It has been a 50/50 struggle all weekend!!!

Here is Pepper Jack...he looks as insecure as me! Can you tell he loves his toys?
Anyway...wish me luck. I've had short hair for over five years until this "growing" phase.
Love ya!!
~ Bel (off to the butcher!)


Gina said...

Can't wait to see the new doo!

jody said...

woohoo-show the 'do!

LauraRN said...

Can't wait to see the "new do." Hope to see you soon.

Mimi said...

I know how you feel! Its so hard to grow out. In this heat I wanna chop mine too!!! Im sure whatever you do will be cute!

~Raven said...

So I got your comment.... LONG TIME NO HEAR!!!!!! Good to hear from you. So I also emailed... but thinking I got lost in the eternally jam packed spam folder! ~~~Sniffle~~~~ Am still waiting to see this haircut also... And if I don't completely bum you out with the last email I might actually be able to write one with less open book policy and more catching up. So find me in the spam... I will be the one waving something that may look like underwear over my head but am sure it is just a bandana, screaming save me, save me!!!!!
Vivian Mc.
Lost in spam from Utah