Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Bit of Mindless Drooling

This has been a messed up week...not entirely this week itself...more like the last seven days. Dog days.

This is why my sister's sweet and rather gigantic dog, Kobe, is here today.

I hope you are all well. Seems like I haven't seen anyone in quite a while...except for Gina, who shares my love for clean cuticles (please don't say anymore!!) and Sandy (with whom I've been working on another dance sensation.)

Besides looking rather svelte in my disco gown...and MY, MY! Did I grow some bodacious Ta-Tas or WHAT???.....Here are the top ten bizarre things that happened this week:

1. I danced with Sandy on video...and did I mention that I grew some BODACIOUS TA-TAS??
2. Was the horrible victim of a malicious and rather nasty smearing by a woman who decided that I would be the sacrifice so she could get what she wanted...sorry, can't elaborate...it's a non-Mosaic work thing.
3. Chopped my hair. No, no photos yet. The cut is good...but I'm still not comfortable with it.
4. Thinking about going back to school. Am I nuts?
5. Want to get a tattoo. Hubby is working on #3.
6. My husband cleaned the oven yesterday...the world may be ending soon.
7. Starting the flame scarf with Gina this week...she's becoming a bad influence! Heehee!
8. Saving up for delicious yarn...three words: Classic Elite Posh
9. Decided I have way too much back fat.
10. Met the Mom and Grandmother of the young man who lived with Cho.

...Which made me realize how our lives are so intertwined and that we have such a strong impact on each other...or that we hardly know the people we believe we know. It made me think about the friends from long, long ago...how it was so easy to forget me in my hours of need...and now those friends are all strangers. It makes me firm in my determination to be a valued friend...and makes me value the friends I have now, the ones who joy with me, console me, wave a kiss in my direction when I'm feeling down (you know who you are!), and promise to visit me in the funny farm one day...

Love you, Bel

PS....by the way....did you notice my new BODACIOUS TA-TAS in the Mosaic video??


jody said...

I think being a good friend is one of the most important things in the world-I just cannot stand when people are not good friends, it really is one of the things that makes me madder than anything in the world!! That and when people are just plain mean-I'm sorry that you had someone be mean to you this week-that stinks!! and back fat-ugh! the bane of my existence!! HOW do you get rid of such a thing??!!! it is near impossible!

Gina said...

Back fat. Wasn't aware of the agony of back fat until 2 years ago. Very unhappy with it and unsure of how I can get rid of it. But I'm sure getting of my fat a@# might help.

Gina said...

Getting OFF my fat A$#, excuse my typo.

Anonymous said...

I've chatted with you a few times at the shop, and I can't believe that anyone would ever have ANY bad things to say about you! What a nasty human being she must be!

Bel said...

Oh, Anonymous!! Whoever you are...I love you! Thanks very much. I'm really glad to know that I leave a kind and good impression with people. It does mean a lot. And this was not a Mosaic thing at all...everyone associated with yarn has been LOVELY and is O-KAY in my book!!!

LauraRN said...

Hey, Bel-- hope all's well!! Don't let the father-muckers get you.

Miranda said...

Heh. Hahaha I suggested all the books you would :-p too slow on the draw, Ms. Bel.

Bel said...

Awww, kick a girl when she's down!! Back fat AND late blogging skills...truly my curses.

Miranda said...

i want to have a knitting party! foosball & darts, yay!

Miranda said...

i saw you today!